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Idols With Monolids

idols with monolids. But did you know theres also such a thing as triple eyelidslids with two folds instead of one. Most of them have double eyelids and show off their large.

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Dahyun TWICE Your browser does not support video.

Idols with monolids. Just take a look at the unique beauty of. How much cuter can an idol with monolids be. Your browser does not support video.

As well as Top 3 Female Idols. Bottom line whatever the eye-shape it doesnt really matter as. 1292018 AppreciationAn attractive idol with monolids.

Jisoo in particular is well known for her monolid eyes because her eyes are very large despite them. Back in the earlier days of K-Pop double-eyelids were considered to be the facial feature that defined a beautiful. Dahyuns monolids are arguably some of the most iconic among all idols because they match her tofu nickname so well.

1112020 November 1st 2020. Ex PRISTIN HINAPIAs Eunwoo. Check out these idols who absolutely rock their monolids.

Please share with me the handsome male idols with monolids ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I know roughly Jin Ong Seongwoo Got7-Jinyoung V though Im not sure if he counts as having monolids or double eyelids and Yook Sungjae. Its also in the fact that she has monolids. -Vs eyes are indeed big.

-Gotta mention that they wear circle lenses to make their eyes appear bigger. TWICEs Dahyun Dahyuns monolids are arguably some of the most iconic among all idols because they match her tofu nickname so well. BTSs Jimin Jin Suga and RM Most of the members of BTS have monolids which is probably why theyre so popular.

It is rare to find female idols in K-Pop rockin the single eyelid look. Seulgi Red Velvet 4. Monolids are quite the beauty trend in South Korea and K-Pop in recent times.

Face but times have changed and there are many people who prefer monolids these days. 21102020 Wonwoo has stunning monolids. Your browser does not support video.

She was the only PRISTIN member with monolids which adds to her unique visual concept. -YooAs eyes are huge. To top it off she has an infectious smile.

Xiumin EXO Your browser does not support video. However these idols prove that monolids are just as charming as double eyelids. 2362016 Whats even more special are the idols with monolids who still have big beautiful eyes.

-I didnt know Jonghyun had monolids until now. Idols with monolids but have unrealistically big eyes. By pinkpanda_spirit September 9 2018in Celebrity Photos.

922020 Here are 10 idols with monolids that are just as attractive and captivating as those with double eyelids. 2212021 A prominent plastic surgeon named Philip Son recently named Best 3 Female Idols with the Prettiest Monolid. Yeji ITZY Yeeun CLC Yein Lovelyz Dahyu TWICE Kang Mina Gugudan IOI Yooa Oh My Girl Jisoo Lovelyz Seulgi Red Velvet Soyeon G IDLE Arin Oh My Girl.

Red Velvets Seulgi SHINees Onew EXOs Xiumin. Xiumin EXO Xiumins big doll eyes give him a cutesy appearance. Seungwus face was made for magazines and the big screen.

She is also the only member in HINAPIA with monolidded eyes. Check out our list of 6 monolid K-Pop idols who have gorgeous huge eyes that we can stare at all day. V - BTS.

That doesnt mean those without double eyelids arent viewed as charming or attractive. Here are 10 idols with monolids that are just as attractive and captivating as those with double eyelids. These days most K-Pop idols have double eyelids and many have monolids.

Dahyuns aegyo and smile arent her only appeal. Here are just a few female idols with beautiful monolids that crinkle into adorable eye smiles. Your browser does not support video.

8 fierce female idols with monolids. But we cant forget about his awesome K-pop idol quality of having monolids which in itself makes him one of a kind. 18112016 Oh My Girls YooA.

-Seo Jisoos eyes are pretty. Did your favourite songs make it onto our lists. CNBLUEs Kang Min Hyuk When Kang Min Hyuk smiles he lights up a room.

These are the top Top 7 Captivated idols with super big monolid eyes as choosen by many kpop fans.

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