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Laziest Kpop Fandom

laziest kpop fandom. Love how streaming isnt such a big deal and the fact that we are not focused on breaking records. Blackpink should be most hated.

Pin By Jesonia Wooding On Exo Luhan Exo Sehun And Luhan

Did she want it that way or.

Laziest kpop fandom. The group originally debuted as a 3 member group that consisted of Nicky Key and Erik with the song BABYBABY. High4 debuted April 8 2014 under NAP. Jennie is the shop of laziness.

Alex Myungho and Youngjun. I Love All People And Animals. All of EXO-M members said that Luhan is the mood maker in the group.

Also Jennie is the laziest kpop idol. Blackjacks SHINees fandom and fxs fandom. The group was in hiatus since 2018 when they had their latest comeback and it seems it silently disbanded in 2019.

In fact many credit him with making kpop music popular in the west with his hit song Gangnam Style. No moves until the very end and it was so dry. Im A 15 Year Old Girl Who Lives In Arizona.

If u dont know Hottest are the fandom of 2pm Super quiet and nice and we NEVER create fanwars. And we are willingly accepting it. And I dont think that Lisa is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Park Jae-sang more commonly known by his stage name Psy is one of the most popular kpop artists of all time. When EXO-M was on Happy Camp they were playing with the phone software. Kris calls Luhan a Cute Little Prince.

2382018 a lot of people thinks BABYz are the laziest fandom because we could not help BAP to win an award thats why i wrote this honestly. 15 Suzan Oct 9 2017 L_catzzz chiblet28 yoonbread and 5. I was frustrated when i wrote this post.

K-Pop Korean popular music is a musical genre consisting of pop dance electropop hiphop rock RB and electronic music originating in South Korea. On August 16 2017 High4 officially disbanded. I think that she is the most ugliest girl in the world ever.

Some Day I Will Fulfill My Life Dream Of Becomming A Veternarian. ARMY BTS Continue Reading. The Most Toxic Fandoms.

Luhan is voted as the laziest member as he is the last to wake up. The group debuted on June 27 2014 under Hight Start Entertainment. It is not just fangirls or VIP but the command and attention he gets from the most famous and influential.

My Birthday Is July 8 And I LOVE Writing Song. Day6 Members Profile Day6 Ideal Type and 7 Facts You Should. I Love EVERY Single One Of You.

The man is one of a kind. But now i feel so bad im sorry. We are known as the laziest fandom but that is a 100 times better than being known as a toxic fandom.

At the beginning of 2017 the member Erik left the group and in 2018 Grey-D and J were added as new members while Zino only debuted in 2019. Its not even pretty moves. ReVeLuvsRed Velvet Biggest Fandom.

Also Jennie is the laziest kpop idol. He named himself the laziest member of the group. 3102019 Blackpink is the worst kpop group ever.

This has got to be THE laziest attempt I ever seen from YG. Even Ateez is nearing them in views from their new MV and theyre a small company group that debuted in a few months while NCT has been around since 2016 and. Shes just waving her arms on the floor around her face being picked up.

I Also LOVE My Dog Java. May 3 2020 535 pm by They have achieved a lot of success and won many awards and had the largest fanclub in the kpop world ELF. This is my opinion and based on my experiences so far with each of these fandoms mentioned.

P This Wiki Seriously Changed My Life. In addition to music K-Pop has grown into a popular subculture resulting in widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers. High4 하이포 currently consists of three members.

9102017 The ones that seem like theyre always lazy though. However today so many startup companies have started to award kpop groups with fan voting awards and with their push to legitimize themselves they ingrained themselves within the kpop community. The kpop community has become so thoroughly hijacked that voting apps today force you to watch 15 ads just so you can vote once.

NCTzens are so lazy. In February 2017 Sunggu announced he would be leaving the group. With that in mind check out below for the top 10 most successful kpop groups and artists.

Shes My Profile Picture Shes A Boston TerrierCorgi. In April 2019 the members contracts expired and they decided not to renew. MONSTAR is a Vietnamese Pop VPop 5 member group under ST319 Entertainment.

What is funny is that he belongs to the laziest fandom ever.

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