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Which Kpop Idol Do You Look Like

which kpop idol do you look like. Imagine your in a dark room youve been kidnapped and your worried what will happen. Ever wondered whose KPOP STAR looks exaclty like you.

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Ever wonder what kpop idol you are.

Which kpop idol do you look like. Pick one of the five items in front of you. Let your male siblings try this quiz to see what they get. Youre Irene from Red Velvet.

1172020 These would be like language classes manners and etiquette acting and modelling. These are your vocal rapping and dance classes. Which K-Pop idol do people say look like you.

We also have a similarly shaped face and. Posted September 29 2016. There are 14 possible results.

K-pop is a cultural product that features values identity and meanings that go beyond their strictly commercial value. 1822020 Which K-Pop Idol Of The Same Age Do You Like The Best. Usually these classes occur only once a week so youll have different classes each day However some trainees will be in the gym or practicing as well.

Youre not just brilliant but youre also really fun to be around. Pick a month which is closer to your birthday-. 842021 I think that out of all the Kpop idols that I know a pretty good amount that I look the most like Jiyeon from T-ara.

Posted September 29 2016. Also because Im self indulgent I will be showing you pictures of some of my favorite idols not in results throughout the quiz. You cant tell where its coming from so decide to go with what it said.

This quiz will tell you which idol you are most like. We both have short about shoulder length-ish brown hair and our bangs are both on the same side. 2342019 Which kpop Twice member do you look like.

Updated April 20 2019 April 20 2019. All of a sudden a loud voice is heard. Shes a sex symbol of the band has an incredible charisma and five tattoos.

PLAY this quiz and well FACE DETECT you resemble. 2042019 Try thisand get the idol you look likeand have funENJOYYY Published April 20 2019. You have a bubbly outgoing personality and are super talented.

17 It is characterized by a mixture of modern Western sounds and African-American influences including sounds from Hip-hop RB Jazz black pop soul funk techno disco house and Afrobeats with a Korean aspect of performance including synchronized. So to answer the question. I actually thought I looked like Lia but then when I went to Korea people started complementing me for looking like Irene lol.

Simply click the Find Out Now button to start. There are boys as well. Make sure to share the quiz with kpopers-friends probably they also want to know which idol they resemble.

Are you a part of the 97 liners group chat. Hwasa is the leading vocalist and rapper of MAMAMOO also performs solo. My answer is Irene and runner-up is Eun Bi.

3112021 You may look a little serious at times but underneath youre fun and popular everyone wants to be your pal. Aug 22 2020 - Find Out Which Kpop Idol You Most Look Like. Youre known for being a very quiet person and a little shy but very kind.

Share on other sites. You have eclectic interests that are fueled by ambition which makes you a trail blazer. 2212016 Like this K-pop pro with the infamous voice and stoic good looks you also have a hidden interior.

Well look no further than here.

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